Free Willy

I’ve decided not to write in character on every post, since it would be very limiting. Fear not though, I will flip back and forth depending on how I feel, (or how Ensign Yooch is feeling). Since I’m such a nice guy I thought I might also insert some helpful how-to articles as I accumulate knowledge (I’m looking at you, overview settings!)

Things have been pretty quiet since last weekend, as far as PvP goes. Missed an opportunity for a fight a few days ago while I was shopping in Amarr. We had originally planned to bait some high sec day-trippers deeper into WH space and then bring down the fist of fury, but our fleet face-checked a Proteus and a Legion from a different WH corp while I was still fitting up my ship and I arrived seconds after the last pod warped out (curse you enormous high-sec systems!) The high-sec hole-campers cleared out during the commotion.

Yesterday was a bit more interesting. After failing to get a rise from a cautious (read, boring) C2 corporation, we set about scanning to look for some fun. Divine Aura found it for us. An unarmed POS, with full cargo arrays and a couple random ships floating in space! We stole all the ships (A retriever and bunch of cheap frigs) and looted the cargo, which dropped a packaged Manticore on top of about 150M in random mods. Since I had hurriedly left my scanner in Amarr the day before, I got a free Heron out of the deal, which I named Grand Theft Heron, per Faded’s suggestion. Since nobody wants to fight us we took out as much aggression as possible on the shuttles. Have to put something on the killboard.

While we wait around to pew, I generally orbit the ship maintenance hangar array, while everyone else does the hard work. Sometimes I’ll get off my lazy butt and help out though. Under Warb’s encouragement we’ve harvested enough gas this week to deplete both Houses of Congress, since he needs it for whatever older players need gas for – I stop listening after he pays me, but I think I remember the word reaction being used.

Since we had a high-sec connection a few jumps from Dodixie I went ahead and bought a PVE Dominix as well (buying it in Amarr just seemed wrong, – RP!). I named it Whale, because I’m still incredibly creative. It must be those Caldari craftsman genes. A few hours after I got it back to HQ Faded Silver wanted to run sites in our neighbor system. Everyone was tired, but we finally convinced Admiral to help us out so we could have four Domis for my first go. Turns out we were VERY lucky to have four, since Faded’s ISP had different plans for his evening. There were a few tense seconds when no one realized he had disconnected and the cap chain broke down, but with three Domis left on the field we were able to right things pretty quickly. Of course we were running one of the sites where the sleepers scram, so if I had fully understood what was going on at the time I probably would have wet my pants a little.

And don’t worry about Faded. He woke up early enough to jump back in before the static closed. Next time he ditches me in a site I may close the hole and see how he likes it 😀

Fly safe, space friends

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