Cousin Cara Can’t Be Trusted

Ensign Yooch might be a right little wormhole saint, but Cara Forelli has a dark side. She recently engaged in some dastardly deviancy that made even Trigoth question his morals.

The back-story:

I was scanning idly and chatting with a prospective corp-mate when Faded suddenly announced he was on grid with a Navy Augoror  in C2A. Yooch was pretty far out, so I grabbed Cara and set off down the chain in a Harbinger, ready to bash heads in. Jumping through C4A to C2A, I got the green light from Faded and landed on the connection to C5A.

The Navy Augoror had warped off a few minutes before so I sat at the hole waiting for it. After a minute or so a Legion lands and locks me up, so I point him and start shooting. Right after I’ve committed, a Proteus, Harbinger, the Navy Augoror, and a Falcon land and join in. This isn’t going to end well for me. The Legion is in half armor, but he’s completely neuted me out and my armor is starting to take damage. Our inbound Rupture, Hurricane, and Onyx are not going to save me, but maybe they can at least clean up the Legion.

However, some people are just risk adverse and boring. The Legion and all his friends jump and warp off to their POS as soon as their free kill is in question. It’s the third fight of the evening we’ve been denied and it’s getting old.

I head back to the POS to rep my armor before bed. Yooch is still scanning and wrapping up the recruiting conversation, so I fit a local repper and fix up my own armor. Faded is feeling pretty snubbed so he heads back to C5A to see if we can get in a gank. It turns out they are closing the hole, and he gets himself closed in. Ah well, they have a lowsec.

But it turns out the high-sec in C2A was never bookmarked from the outside. I’ve logged out Yooch for the night and I’m feeling lazy, so I just head over in my Harbinger. I see scan probes in C4A but I’m not worried; we saw a neutral buzzard in there earlier. I bookmark the other side and spend a few minutes scaring the local ice miners while Faded makes his way back in.

On our way back through the chain, we see a venture on scan in C4A. Everyone knows you can’t catch those, but what the heck. Faded drops combat probes and warps to him in the Anathema. The venture reacts immediately and warps to the C2A hole, where I’m sitting cloaked. I jump through with him for funsies and get polarized. Woohoo. By the way, I never put the plate back on my harby. Still using a medium repper. Awesome.

The venture warps to his POS and comes back in a Tengu. Whoops. I consider pointing him, but my backup is pretty far and other ships start appearing on d-scan. So I lead them on a merry chase, from planet to planet and back to the hole to give my team time to assemble.

Back at the hole, I let the Tengu engage me, but I drop fast without a plate and I’m forced to jump through (right as my polarization timer expires, phew). Faded is waiting on the other side, but they don’t follow. Frustrated again, I head back to the POS to get a freaking plate on my ship.

Back at the C2A hole, our team is assembled. I come up with a plan. The Tengu pilot knows that I used to have an active rep, so I’m going to warp to the high sec and act like a carebear. I jump through, align slowly and warp to the high sec. After a minute or two, I jump back in to the C2 and slowly align to the C4. Right on cue the Tengu decloaks on grid, and I warp to the C4, but he doesn’t follow. This guy is very cautious.

Faded is keen for a fight and urges me to type in local. This is the best I could come up with.

Cara Forelli > lol

Cara Forelli > tag you are it

I wait around for a few minutes and start to feel stupid. What a dumb thing to type. How incredibly obvious. How can I salvage this? Well he knows about my active rep…

Cara Forelli > can I run c2 sites in a harby?

Bingo! Convo request. Much shameful emotional manipulation followed, including several boldfaced lies.

Fukurokuji > haha good fun
Fukurokuji > but yeah, dual rep harby will run
Cara Forelli > you live in here?
Fukurokuji > we do
Fukurokuji > lots of activity in here today
Cara Forelli > oh
Fukurokuji > you live in the c4?
Cara Forelli > what?
Cara Forelli > I thought this was a c2
Fukurokuji > this is
Fukurokuji > you live in J115547?
Cara Forelli > no…
Fukurokuji > ah
Cara Forelli > don’t you need a pos or something
Fukurokuji > yeah, there’s a pos – planet 4, moon 2 but not your corp, so just wondered if you were from there
Cara Forelli > oh you mean at the wormhole I’m at now?
Fukurokuji > yeah
Cara Forelli > yeah I’m not sure
Cara Forelli > I thought I saw some scan probes
Fukurokuji > saw you and the anathema come in and try to scan me down, so I popped back
Fukurokuji > yeah, I was trying a gas site
Cara Forelli > oh yah
Fukurokuji > but mining is boring as fuck haha
Cara Forellimy scanning alt
Cara Forelli > I thought it was really good in wormhole places?
Fukurokuji > it is, well.. it is if you find a good one
Fukurokuji > oh.. a heads up – the highsec WH in here is end of life
Cara Forelli > oh
Cara Forelli > does that mean I can’t bring big ships though soon?
Fukurokuji > you can bring up to battleships in here
Cara Forelli > harbinger is battlecruiser I think
Cara Forelli > that’s smaller right
Fukurokuji > yeah
Cara Forelli > I thought people in wormholes were really violent
Cara Forelli > I was pretty sure you were gonna kill me
Fukurokuji > like to protect our things
Fukurokuji > thought you might be scanning for a fleet
Cara Forelli > ohh
Fukurokuji > since you jumped in and out a bunch of times
Cara Forelli > I was trying to find a good site
Fukurokuji > we’ve run all of ours already
Fukurokuji > and I wouldn’t do the sites in J115547 (where your scanning alt is)
Fukurokuji > you’ll die pretty quick haha
Cara Forelli > oh
Cara Forelli > is there gas sites in there?
Fukurokuji > yeah, a few
Cara ForelliI don’t think I can scan them though
Fukurokuji > just a heads up.. other members of my corp have spotted you haha
Cara Forelli > uhhh
Cara Forelli > should I hide?
Fukurokuji > up to you haha
Cara Forelli > well would they kill me?
Fukurokuji > they’ll try
Cara Forelli > do they know where I am?
Fukurokuji > yeah, there’s two bombers watching you right now
Cara Forelli > if I go in this wormhole will they know?
Fukurokuji > nice killboard by the way
Fukurokuji > haha – I’m sure you know exactly what you’re doing
Cara Forelli > oh
Cara Forelli > what’sa killboard? I bought this pilot from my friend cause he quit
Fukurokuji >
Cara Forelli > but I don’t think it has good scanning skills or something?
Cara Forelli > can my battlecruiser fight the bombers?
Fukurokuji > yeah, battlecruiser will pop the bombers
Cara Forelli > so I don’t need to hide then?
Fukurokuji > if you can lock frigs fast then maybe
Cara Forelli > oh
Cara Forelli > is there something that would be even?
Fukurokuji > not really.. bombers are hit and run tactic ships
Cara Forelli > oh
Cara Forelli > I was wondering if my haribinger could fight other people
Fukurokuji > haha no idea, depends on your fit and skills
Cara Forelli > oh. are you good at fighting with people?
Fukurokuji > no, just learning myself
Cara Forelli > nice
Cara Forelli > maybe we could learn together
Fukurokuji > haha alright

After this lengthy discussion I guess he finally decided to pop me and warps in the Tengu. We start pewing each other on the hole. Once I’ve worked through about half his shield, Faded jumps in with a neut Domi and wipes out his cap. He starts to drop fast and jumps through the hole, right into our fleet. Everybody else nails him and he jumps through again…

…and manages to evade us on the other side and cloak up! It is truly not our night for PvP.

On the bright side, I don’t have to feel bad about his t3 loss. We invited him to comms for some laughs and he turned about to be a pretty cool guy. Hey, at least he engaged, which is more than can be said for certain forum warriors we encountered an hour before!

Rate my acting? I think I make a pretty decent noobie if I do say so myself.

Fly safe, space friends

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