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Titan’s Lament (Recording!)

Perhaps some of you remember Titan’s Lament. Well please now enjoy this recording voiced by the generous Pietro Vitale. Please only use with permission. Advertisements

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Pietro Saves the Day

Pietro was not a skilled combat pilot like the Forelli cousins. Since his early days at the academy he had idolized them. Cara was several years older, and to Pietro’s knowledge, unaware of his existence. Yooch had always been kinder, answering his … Continue reading

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Justice and the Whale

Yooch had been scanning for hours. He had mapped out several wormhole chains, carefully scanning each system and saving the location of any wormhole he found. It was fruitless. Each system was emptier than the last; each deserted starbase mocked his efforts. … Continue reading

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Ensign Yooch Springs a Trap

It was his first solo roam since joining Sky Syndicate. Yooch hadn’t scanned much of late and was feeling rusty. However it felt good to get out on his own in search of miscreants and he quickly slipped back into … Continue reading

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Yooch Brings Home The (Deadspace) Bacon

Ensign Yooch drifted idly. He had spent the last few hours scanning out wormhole systems, looking for a connection to high-security space. Darkstorm Corporation had businesses to attend to in null-security and needed a reliable route to the market in … Continue reading

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Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Sycthe

Ensign Yooch was pretty doped up on boosters. He had recently had his wisdom teeth out, and was taking four different IRL (inconsistent relief lozenge) pills to dull the effects. He really shouldn’t have been flying in this state, but … Continue reading

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Ensign Yooch Lays Down The Law

Yooch spent a lot of time admiring his new Helios. He had worked hard to learn how to fly it and had spent the last few days zipping around between the stars, completely hidden by its state-of-the-art cloaking device, so … Continue reading

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